Comic 611 - Holocrash - Chapter 13 - Page 0611
2nd Jan 2020, 3:48 PM in Time Has Passed
Holocrash - Chapter 13 - Page 0611
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Author Notes:
smee440 edit delete
Hi and welcome to Holocrash season 2 (or HOLOCRASH Revival?). All of the 2009-2012 legacy pages are up on Comic Fury and we can now start a new chapter...

I plan to upload a new page, or three, each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Techy Note: You would think that in the 7 years or so since I stopped (paused) updating Holocrash, creating 3D comic pages would have got a lot easier.
Well that isn't the case at all! The various graphics programs that I used to make the comic are either no longer available, or have been superseded by new versions that are now incompatible with each other. Yay! for progress!
So I am having to get used to new ways of doing things but hopefully the new panels will look as good as they used to, if not better.

If you have any thoughts on the page or text sizes please leave a comment.
Thank You and All The Best
User comments:
chk edit delete reply
That's one thing about geeks that always pisses me off. Play around with it if you have to justify your existence, but for crying out loud, make it backward compatible. My laptop is on it's way out and I'm dreading the new operating system. My guess is that I'll have to reformat every one of the Excel workbooks I've been working with for years. May be I'll get lucky.
smee440 edit delete reply
And everything is changing to subscriptions! You used to be able to buy software outright. Ahhh, the good old days.